Walk along Kannana-Dori Ave | Discover the Koenji Water Tank! | Musashino Hospital - Koenji Station Entrance


食事のお供に新習慣 【糖脂リミット】

Kotake Mukaihara Station (Entrance 3)

I exited from Entrance 3 of Kotake Mukaihara Station.

The other day, when I entered from Entrance 2, the area around the entrance was a nice walkway with a nice atmosphere, but the area around the exit here is a normal sidewalk and roadway (Kanamecho-dori).


Camellia japonica

Passing by the Ward Kotake Elementary School, I found myself on a walkway with a nice atmosphere.
Because of the season, few flowers were in bloom, but only camellia japonica flowers were in bloom.


Intersection in front of Musashino Hospital

I’m going to resume my walk along Kannana-Dori Ave from the Musashino Hospital intersection.
It’s going to rain a little this week.


Musashi University Building 8

About 1km into the walk, I crossed the Seibu Ikebukuro line.
From the railroad bridge, I spotted a huge building with a gabled roof!
It seemed to be the building called Building 8 of Musashi University’s Ekoda Campus.
It was quite conspicuous.


An array of road cleaning vehicles

As I walked further, I saw all the yellow work trucks that seemed to be used for street cleaning.
This was the first time I had ever seen a working vehicle base of this scale.


Ramen restaurant

It’s been a while since I found a ramen store.
In the past, Kannana-Dori Ave was famous for its abundance of ramen stores, but perhaps the number of ramen stores has decreased considerably?


Nogata Station, Seibu Shinjuku Line

I pass under Nogata Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.


Myojoji River

Today I crossed the Myoshoji River, which I have crossed several times.
I will try to walk along this river in the near future.


Koenji Station Entrance Intersection

Not good! I arrived at my planned destination, Koenji, before I could discover most of the interesting things today.
I had no choice but to go through the train tracks before heading to the station.


Koenji Water Tank

Just past the railroad tracks, I found the Koenji water tank!
It’s quite a cool shape.

The reason why the lower part of the tank is thinner is that there is a big change in the amount of water?
In other words, if the lower part of the tank has a large area, the height of the water surface will be lower when the water volume decreases, and the water pressure will not be as high as expected, so the lower part of the tank is narrowed?

The jurisdiction is the Tamagawa Water Purification Plant. However, according to the Waterworks Bureau’s website, the Tamagawa Water Purification Plant is on hiatus as a waterworks project due to the deterioration of raw water, so it seems that this water tank is supplied with water from another water purification plant.


Hot Soup Festival

At the north exit of Koenji Station, the Hot Soup Festival was being held.
This was the fourth edition of the festival, and it was very crowded.

Walking data

Course: Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Kotake Mukaihara Station -> Kannana-Dori Ave (Musashino Hospital- Koenji Station Entrance) -> JR Chuo Line Koenji Station
Distance: 7.1km
Time: 1h47m