Walk along Kannana-Dori Ave | Discover Koenji Temple! | Koenji Station Entrance - Honancho


食事のお供に新習慣 【糖脂リミット】

I visited Koenji Temple, the origin of the name of Koenji Station.

Koenji Temple


Koenji Station

I got off at Koenji Station.
The new coronavirus is a hot topic these days, but I’d say only about 70% of people are wearing masks.


Koenji Station Entrance Intersection

I walked along the north side of the tracks and resumed my walk along Kannana-Dori Ave (the Loop Route 7) from this Koenji Station entrance intersection.

Many of the stations on the Chuo Line are named after temples. Koenji, Kichijoji, Kokubunji, Hachioji… sorry, the last one is not the name of a temple (Hachioji means eight princes). In winter, it is said that the temperature drops by one degree for each temple.


Gate of Koenji Temple

I found Koenji Temple, the origin of the name of Koenji Station!
However, it was not along the Kananana, so I found it by going down a narrow street while checking on a map.

There was a sign that said, “Entry by non-practicing worshippers is prohibited,” but I was allowed to enter to pay my respects. There were about three other worshippers besides me.

I felt strange because I couldn’t find any money boxes. Photography was not allowed in the temple grounds, so I was not able to take any pictures. The precincts are very elegant and calm. It is less than a kilometer from Koenji station, so if you are interested in visiting, please do so in person.

Spring Flowers


Winter daphne (Daphne odora)

It’s time for spring flowers to begin to bloom.
Daphne flowers give off that scent.


Hiiragi nanten

It looks like a holly (Hiiragi) to me. The kanji for “holly” is “wood” and “winter.” But it’s spring now. When I wondered why, I found out that this is a different species called “Hiiragi nanten.” It seems to be a member of the berberidaceae plant family.
Incidentally, holly flowers in November and December, and is said to be aromatic.


Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms were also in bloom. They bloomed very early, so I wondered if they were Kawazuzakura.


Formosan Camellia (Gordonia)

This one seems to be a Formosan Camellia (Gordonia).
It was almost finished.


Zenpukuji River

For some reason, there were steps in the Zempukuji River. Does the volume of water suddenly increase around here when it rains heavily?
The Zenpukuji River joins the Kanda River about 700 meters from here.
I’m planning to walk along the banks of this river soon.



Honancho intersection

I came to Honancho station. It’s not often that I get a chance to ride the branch line of the Marunouchi Line, so I decided to stop my walk here today.



This is the terminus of the branch line, so there is a bumper.

The rubbery part is good for cushioning the impact, but the sharp part underneath looks like it might get stuck in the train in case of emergency.

Walking data

Course: JR Chuo Line Koenji Station -> Loop Route 7 (Koenji Station Entrance – Honancho) -> Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Honancho Station
Distance: 3.9km
Time: 1h