Walk along Kannana-Dori Ave | Discover the mural painting of Kannana! | Honancho-Kamiuma


I refrained from taking a walk for about 3 months to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
Today is my first walk in a long time.
I walked the continuation of Kannana-Dori Ave.

Ohara intersection

Honancho Station

This is Honancho Station that has just come down.

The streetlight in front of the station is beautiful red-orange and the shape is fashionable. When I came the other day, I didn’t notice.


Kanda River / Kannana-Dori Avenue Underground Reservoir

About 350m south, a familiar building appeared.

Kanda River / Kannana-Dori Avenue Underground Reservoir. Two and a half years ago, I passed here when I was walking along the Kanda River.
I won’t go today, but if you go a little west along the Kanda River, you will find an intake. It’s a huge facility and I think it’s worth a look.



It is the rainy season and it is raining, but the amount of water in the Kanda River today is not very large.


Ohara intersection

If you go 900m further, you will reach the Ohara intersection. The top is Metropolitan Expressway Route 4, and the bottom is Route 20.

I remember having just obtained my driver’s license and turning this intersection several times while being nervous when there was no car navigation system in the world.
In an era where only maps are relied on, you’ll get lost if you don’t take a big road.


Ohara 2-chome intersection

It also intersects Inokashira-dori. In the olden days, it was called a water supply road (Suido Douro) because it runs water to the Wadabori water supply station near here.

Discover the mural painting of Kannana!


Old-looking Inuyarai

Discover Inuyarai!

Even if I take a walk every week, I only see Inuyarai in Kanto once or twice a year. Inuyarai is so rare !?
I saw it again this time after a long time. It looks old.


A ramen shop that covered the second floor with wooden boards

This is like a ramen shop. The second floor covered with wooden boards stands out even from a distance. The light is attached so that it hits the outside, so it may be an area for advertising.


Kannana Mural

Around the Odakyu Odawara Line, many pictures are drawn on the huge wall surface.
It seems to be a mural painting of Kannana, and it seems that it was repainted two years ago. I was healed by the slightly foreign-style patterns and colors.

Discovered a mansion called Saita Museum!


Saita Museum

After passing the Kitazawa River Green Way and going uphill, I found a large mansion on my right! It’s a house that has been around since Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s time. It looks like a museum called Saita Museum now. There is dignity.


Karasuyama River Green Road

It is a green road on the Karasuyama River.
The Karasuyama River and the Kitazawa River on the Kitazawa River Green Road (I forgot to take a photo) join the Meguro River. The greenery of today’s Karasuyama River Green Road is beautiful. However, in early spring, various flowers bloom and become even more beautiful. These are the recommended walking paths.


Tokyu Setagaya Line

Everyone on the Tokyu Setagaya Line seems to be wearing masks, but the inside of the car was quite crowded.


Jakuzure River Green Road

I found Jakuzurugawa Green Road! This river also seems to be a tributary of the Meguro River. It looks like a short green road of about 3km. Let’s walk next spring. Do I remember until then?



Is it Lantana?


Different colors of lantana

There are various colors.


Kamiuma intersection

It is the Kamiuma intersection. The top is Metropolitan Expressway Route 3 and the bottom is Route 246.
It’s been a long time since I took a walk, and I don’t think it’s necessary to be too tense, so I’ll stop here today.


Komazawa Daigaku Station

I walked 300m west on Route 246 and returned from Komazawa Daigaku Station.

Walking Data

Course: Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Honancho Station -> Ring Route 7 (Honancho Station-Kamima Intersection) -> Tokyu Denentoshi Line Komazawa University Station
Distance: 6.2km
Time: 1h28m