Walking along Loop Route 6|Discovering the remains of the main camp at Shinagawa-juku on the Tokaido Highway! | Gotanda 1-chome - Tennozu Isle


食事のお供に新習慣 【糖脂リミット】

I found the remains of the main camp of the Tokaido Highway at Shinagawa-juku.
It is not along the old Tokaido highway, so I could not find it when I walked along the highway normally in the past.



Gotanda Station

Gokotenda Station is a structural station with the entrance and exit of the ground floor.
There is no such thing as a mystery.


Gotanda 1-chome intersection

Walk along Route 1 and enter Loop Route 6 ( Yamanote Dori ) at the intersection of Gotanda 1-chome.
Ginkgo trees are still yellowing. You can enjoy the yellow leaves of ginkgo for more than a month.


wide walkway

The sidewalk is wide. There may be plans to widen the roadway in the future.



Osaki Station

The Osaki overpass crosses the Yamanote Line. Below is Osaki Station.


Disk-shaped structure

Looking at the other side of the road, I found a disc-shaped structure that looked like an aviation antenna!

But in reality, it looked like a walkway. Are there solar cells on the ceiling?

It seems that there are only aviation antennas (VOR/DME) shaped like this at Narita, Haneda, Sekijuku, and Moriya. All of them seem to be difficult to access on foot. I guess Haneda is the one with the best chance to go see it.


Exotic-looking building

There is a stylish exotic building next to the Japan Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association. Is it an Indian restaurant? I couldn’t find out more about it because it was on the other side of the road where crossing was prohibited.


Kilometer post on Metropolitan Route 317

I found a kilometer post on Metropolitan Road 317!



Meguro River seen from Iruki Bridge

I crossed the Meguro River at Iruki Bridge.
Loop 6 and the Meguro River run side by side all the way from Nakameguro.
The train lines you can see are the Yamanote Line, Tokaido Line, and Shinkansen.


A place where many famous people are buried

After passing through the railroad line, the monk Takuan is buried on the left side of the hill.
Other people buried here include Kamo Mabuchi, a scholar of Japanese literature, Inoue Masaru, the father of the railroad, Shibukawa Harumi, an astronomer of the Edo period, Nishimura Shozo, the founder of Regal, and Shimakura Chiyoko, a singer.


Former Tokaido Highway

After Shinbaba station, the old Tokaido highway appears.

I must have walked it on October 31, 2011, my first blog, but to be honest, I don’t remember if I just cut out this view.


The old Tokaido highway through the ridge

After passing the old Tokaido highway, I looked back and saw that the old Tokaido highway had become a ridge, although it may be difficult to see in the photo. I had heard that the road runs along the ridge all the way from Nihonbashi, and now I could see it.


Ruins of the main camp at Shinagawa-juku, Tokaido

I found the remains of the main camp at Shinagawa-juku on the Tokaido Highway!

The inn is not necessarily along the highway, is it?
On the roof, there is a buried well. There was a pulley, but no tub.
There were also lanterns, but I couldn’t take good pictures because the site was too big.

The park is now called Seiseki Park, named after the place where the Emperor Meiji was staying in the first year of the Meiji Era (1868-1912).


Tennoz Isle Intersection

The Loop Route 6 starts and ends at the Tennozu Isle intersection.
I could have gone straight home from Tennozu Isle Station, but I decided to walk to Shinagawa Station.


Un’yo Maru

Across the Tennozu Canal is the Shinagawa campus of the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, where I found the Un’yo Maru, a registered tangible cultural property.
It was the second training ship of the Fisheries Training Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, the predecessor of the Tokyo University of Fisheries, and was in service until August 1929.
I don’t want to go on it because I might get seasick, but I would like to see it with its sails spread.


JR Shinagawa Station

I arrived at JR Shinagawa Station.
It’s rare to see a photo of Shinagawa Station without people in it.

Walking data

Course: JR Yamanote Line Gotanda Station -> Loop Route 6 (Gotanda 1-chome – Tennozu Isle) -> JR Yamanote Line Shinagawa Station
Distance: 7km
Time: 1h50m