Walking along the Shakujii River | Discovering the native soft windflower! | Naka-Itabashi - Hikawa-dai


The cherry blossoms were declared in bloom yesterday (March 17).

I went for a walk along the banks of the Shakujii River, hoping to see the collaboration of cherry blossoms and the river. But it was still too early.

Discover soft windflower


Naka-Itabashi Station

Today I will start from Naka-Itabashi Station.


Bud cherry blossoms and the Shakujii River

Cherry blossom trees can be seen everywhere in the city. But the flowers are not fully open yet.

It seems they are still early. They are on the verge of blooming, though.


Koyama Bridge

There were several bridges with distinctive parent pillars. I thought I would collect them if they continued, so I took this photo of Koyama Bridge. However, after this, ordinary bridges followed, and I ended up taking only this one photo.


Johoku Central Park in Tokyo

I could see the thickly growing trees. This is the beginning of Johoku Central Park.


Disaster water supply stations

There is a disaster water station in the park. According to the website, it has a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters, which is about four times as much as the school’s 25-meter pool, which is 12 meters wide and 1.2 meters deep, or 360 cubic meters. This means that it is likely to be buried deep underground. I wonder if the water is constantly circulating. The water is also used for firefighting purposes when there is no disaster.


Self-growing soft windflower

Johoku Central Park is a large park with a hill in the center. At the foot of that hill, I found a self-growing soft windflower!

To tell the truth, I saw a sign saying “soft windflower, the flower of Itabashi Ward, grows wild”, so I looked around and found it. It just happened to be the right time of year.

Soft windflower is a member of the buttercup family, the same as aconite. It looks cute, but it also looks a little poisonous.


A cherry blossom blooming directly from the trunk

Returning to the Shakujiigawa River, I found a cherry blossom that was blooming directly from its trunk. The contrast between the craggy texture of the trunk and the neat flowers was quite nice.

Walking data

Course: Tobu Tojo Line Naka Itabashi Station -> Shakujii River -> Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Hikawadai Station
Distance: 4.1km
Time: 1h2m