Inou Tadataka


Walking along the 3rd Loop Route | Discover Kishimojin! | Midori 3-chome to Iriya

I found the Kishimojin and the Koutokuji (ruins). This shrine and temple are famous for the play on words "Osore Iriy...

Three bronze statues of Ino Tadataka found in Sawara!

It was a three-day weekend, so I took a little trip to Sawara. I had read about Ino Tadataka on Wikipedia beforehand,...

Walking the Tokyo Olympic Marathon Course | Found the monument for Ino Tadataka's geodetic surveying service | 20km - 27km point

20km point Today is the fourth day of walking the marathon course for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Finally, I am in the sec...

Walking along Mito Kaido | Discover Susanoo Shrine! | Nijyuku - Nihonbashi

I once walked along the Mito Kaido from Nihonbashi to Kameari in 2011. However, since I walked with an acquaintance, I d...

Found the Reiganjima Water Level Observatory!

I was interested in the reference point for the elevation of Japan, so I went to see the Reiganjima Water Level Observat...