Walk along Kannana-Dori Ave | Discover the mural painting of Kannana! | Honancho-Kamiuma

I refrained from taking a walk for about 3 months to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Today is my f...

Walking along Mito Kaido | Discover Susanoo Shrine! | Nijyuku - Nihonbashi

I once walked along the Mito Kaido from Nihonbashi to Kameari in 2011. However, since I walked with an acquaintance, I d...

I found eight first-order benchmarks, including the Japanese datum of leveling, on my walk from Tokyo to the National Diet Building!

The elevation in Japan is the height of Tokyo Bay from mean sea level. In May 1894, a mark was placed at 24.500 meter...

We found Inuyarai on Yasukuni Street!

Today, I went to Sanseido Bookstore from JR Ochanomizu and walked along Yasukuni Street (Tokyo Road 302) to JR Asakusaba...

Walking the Tokaido | Discover the Ceiling River! | Minaguchi - Sanjo Bridge

Today, as I finish walking the Tokaido Highway, I discovered a ceiling river between Minaguchi-juku and Ishibe-juku. Mi...