Mt Fuji


Walking on the Tokaido | Left Fuji found in Yoshiwara! | Yoshiwara - Ejiri

The Tokaido Highway runs along the south side of Mt. Fuji. It is usually seen on the right when traveling from Edo to Ky...

Walking the Tokaido - Discovering that Koushizaka is a tunnel of bamboo grass! | Hakonejuku-Yoshiwara-juku

Hakone Road is fun to walk, with its ups and downs and great scenery. The most impressive part was the tunnel made of...

Walking on the Tokaido Highway | Discover the Uiro Honten! | Oiso - Hakone

Starting today, I will intensively walk the Tokaido Highway. In fact, in 2011, I walked from Nihonbashi to Oiso-juku ...

Walking along the Koshu Kaido | Discovering ice with contour patterns! | Tsutsugi - Daigahara Isl

I took it a little easy today. I always walk from Tokyo to Nagano, but today, I walked in the opposite direction. As ...

Walking the Tokaido | Found Mt. Fuji at the top of Gontazaka! | Kanagawa - Fujisawa

Gondazaka is a slope often heard of during the Hakone Ekiden. I turned right at a certain point and entered a narrow roa...