Narita Highway


Walking along Narita Road|Discovering the West Fire Station of the Ichikawa City Fire Department! | Nijyuku - Yawata-juku

I found a building that looked like 109 in Shibuya! I thought, and upon closer review, I found that the number was 119 a...

Walking along the Narita Highway | Discover the Kosatsu site in Sakura! | Usui - Narita-san Shinshoji Temple

When you are walking along a street, you will sometimes see a sign saying "Kosatsu site (street bulletin board) ruins. H...

Walking along Narita Highway|Discovering Narashino Vehicle Inspection and Registration Office! | Funabashi - Usui

I found the Narashino Automobile Inspection and Registration Office! I took this as an opportunity to do some research a...