New Spot


Takanawa Gateway Station on the second day of operation

I visited the Takanawa Gateway Station on its second day of operation. I also walked along the Takanawa Bridge underpass...

I went to the Emperor's Cup JFA 99th National Soccer Championship Tournament 《Final》!

For the New National Stadium, it will be the first sporting event to be held externally I watched the "Final" of the Em...

Took a walk around the perimeter of the new national stadium to see the Japan Olympic Museum!

I took a lap around the outside of the new national stadium, which was completed yesterday, and also visited the Olympic...

Discovered that Takaido Park's maintenance work is going well!

Part of the Takaido Park (tentative name) is scheduled to open in late February 2020. The plan had not changed since Se...

I went to the Toyosu market!

Toyosu Market opened to the public today. I decided to visit the market on the first day, thinking that there would be s...

Walking along the Kanda River | Discovering the first autumn leaves after the opening of Shimotakaido Ozora Park! | Takaido - Meidaimae

This time, I walked along the Kanda River from Takaido and found "Shimotakaido Ozora Park". The ginkgo trees were turnin...