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Attended "Secrets of Tokyo's Topography as Seen through Uneven Maps"

An acquaintance gave me information about a lecture titled "Secrets of Tokyo's topography as seen through uneven maps," ...

Walking along the Sumida River|Discovering the old Sumida River seawall! | Toshima Bridge - Senju Bridge

"Hana," composed by Taki Rentaro with lyrics by Takeshima Hagoromo, is based on the Sumida River. As the cherry bloss...

Walking along the Sumida River | Discover the Iwafuchi Reference Point! | Iwabuchi Water Gate - Toshima Bridge

The elevation of Japan is based on the mean sea level of Tokyo Bay, T.P. (Tokyo Peil). The water mark for measuring the ...

Discovered that the Kasai Water Reclamation Center is a giant plant!

Have you ever seen a photo book of factories in a bookstore? Recently, I heard that there are tours where you can take a...